1. Ferguson, Missouri (by Jeff Roberson)

  2. Ferguson, Missouri (by Ryan J Reilly)

  3. thephotographicjournal:

    We’re steering this ship towards new horizons. 



    Damn, we should’ve called it Photo-Thunderdome.

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  4. thephotographicjournal:

    Got us a new interview with Damon Loble up, today!  We chatted over eggs and waffles, got him to talk about his hopes! His dreams! His fears! His stunning photos!  

    Go check it out.  Now.  Do it, now.  Put that down, turn that other thing off, go check out the interview.  We’re waiting…

    I met up with Damon Loble, we had breakfast, we kibitzed, no big whup. Go read it while noshing on a bagel, and use the good shmear! 

  5. allvisual:

    AVLA is this Thursday, August 7th at Contact in Los Angeles!

    This month’s contributors include:

    John MF Anderson, Mikey Baratta, A. Dola Baroni, Lizette Carrasco, Caitlin G. Dennis, Henry Diltz, Michelle Groskopf, Kathryna Hancock, Skip Haswell, Tyler Holtman, Sage Keeler, Tattiya Kliengklom, Megan McIsaac, Jon Walter Mocey-Hanton, Adam Moskowitz, Lou Noble, Evan Pinstein, Jason Powell, Wade Ryff, Cody Smith, Casey Thomas, Sasha Tivetsky

    I’m gonna be at this here shindig, y’all should come by.  We’ll kibbutz, have some soda, no big whup. 

  6. Took this shot again and again and again, intoxicated by the way the sunrise spider-crawled over the top of the cliff.  I had Melanie adjust herself in tiny ways, finding myself interested in how much I could get away with, how much flare I could have in the shot while still showing her face.  Trying to give both Melanie’s face and the sun equal attention in the shot.  

  7. Doom Patrol (by Grant Morrison, Richard Case and others) 1989 - 1993

    In 8th grade, while all the other kids wanted to be Superman or kiss girls or get good grades, I wanted to be a disembodied brain in a robot body. 

    Or a hermaphrodite with a negative energy being living inside it, that it could send out to attack things. 

    Or a person with multiple personality disorder, where each personality had a superpower.  

    Doom Patrol fucked me up in all the best ways.  It was, at the time, the strangest thing I had ever read, and had an effect on me not unlike what I imagine when hearing of people who claim to have been visited by aliens.  

    Everything was different, better, more interesting, and there was lots of research to be done into this new weird world.  

    And yes, it took a long time before I ended up with a girlfriend.  But that girl? She dug me because I was super-into books like Doom Patrol.  

  8. (via Artist Spotlight: Lou Noble)

    The folks at Snap It | See It asked me some questions about instant photography! AND I ANSWERED THEM! GO LOOK!

  9. Bro, I watched the ending to “Something Ricked This Way Comes” at least twelve times in a row.  Because I have a shitty memory, I’m gonna say it’s my favorite ending to anything ever. 

    I only discovered they had post-credits sequences after the fourth episode, went fucking nuts about that one, I tell you what.  

  10. Rick and Morty (2013)

    When I finished the first season of this show, few months ago, everybody I came in contact with had to hear about it.  I would talk to my assistant in Rick’s voice INCESSANTLY.  I became evangelical about getting people to watch, and I mean that in the worst possible way.  

    It’s just…man, this show hits me right in my sweet spot.  It’s hysterical, touches on almost every single cultural touchstone I relate to, and, I think, most of all, it’s fucking bonkers.  

    Not in the way that too many shows/books/pieces of art would be considered bonkers.  Not “doing it because whatever”.  The insanity in this show is first and foremost, seemingly, because of an idea that it would be fun.  

    "Wouldn’t it be fun if we just started rattling off a description of this show and then animated it, no apparent editing? Wouldn’t it be fun to do Jurassic Park, but inside a human body?" I’d give more examples, but I suddenly realized I don’t want to ruin things that are fantastic.  

    The show is unafraid to be bonkers, but it’s always in service to the audience, never self-indulgent, never at the expense of the characters or the stories it’s trying to tell.  

    Which is probably the most surprising part, that all of the stories are well-structured, they don’t just bounce around willy-nilly.  The characters grow over time, the stories become more and more interesting, it’s all crazy, but it’s smart and it’s trying to entertain, trying really fucking hard.  There’s a lot of care that goes into this show, it radiates from every episode. 

    I love it.  Watch it. 

    GRADE: A++++++++

  13. thephotographicjournal:

    Photo Essay 010 : Atmospheres

    Luca Orsi’s “Atmospheres” collects dewy reflections of concrete landscapes forgotten amongst slumber. Color and structure coalesce to beautifully capture minimalist urban scenes at night.


    Gorgeous photo essay on urban spaces up on The Photographic Journal, this week.  Sumptuous, every single photo.  Go give it a bit of your time. 

  14. real-hiphophead:

    Muhammad Ali. Gloves down

    Y’all gotta watch the whole fight.  Ali does this over a dozen times during the hour-long match.  This right here is round 9, after Ali’s punches have already done considerable damage to his opponent (Ernie Terrell.  The man went 13 rounds with Ali, give him some credit) swelling one eye shut, punching a cut over the other.  The entire fight, Ali’s taunting Terrell constantly, such as when he yells at him near the end of round 8, “WHAT’S MY NAME? WHAT’S MY NAME?” Matter of fact, he was talking at him while these punches were being thrown.  

    This GIF is dope, but it’s merely the smell of a fine meal, not the meal itself.  With Muhammed Ali, you gotta feast, it’s not enough to simply breathe in deep. 

    P.S. as a photographer, I also wanna give it up to the guy with the glasses in the bottom right corner.  He spends the whole fight looking at the boxers through his camera, constantly winding, framing, shooting, winding, framing, shooting, switching cameras, framing, shooting, winding, reloading…back then those guys worked Hard for their photography money, I tell you what.  

    (via laurennmcc)

  15. 5.27.14 - Carré Callaway

    I was already bored with the idea I’d had for the day’s shoot, found this li’l vantage point and decided this was a fitting place to wrap it up, get us some damn fine mexican food.  Left the car running (I like to let the a/c run on hot days like this one, as it’s not as bad shooting in the heat when you know you’ve got a frosty car interior waiting for you), snapped off a few…then a few more…then just got caught up.  Shot there for a good twenty minutes before we finally split.  

    At first it looked nice, but after snapping off a few, realized I loved the city in the back, the layers of green in the shot, the way Carré pops out against it all with her pinks and reds. 

    The shots from this one spot are pretty much the only ones I like from the shoot…and that’s more than enough.  I’m finding, of late, I don’t need as many “good” shots from a shoot to be happy.  I’m looking for 3-5 photos I’m happy with, that’s all.  Always have a good time During the shoot, so no big deal with the results.