1. Yeah, I’m done with models. 

    It’s not that models don’t have anything to offer, or that non-models are Better than models (I just spent many many seconds trying to come up with a good “hanging out with Brittani was better than…” sentence, but I didn’t want to disparage any specific model or models in general, and so scratched the whole thing, but it wasn’t a half bad sentence!), it’s just that I want to do something different.  I want to take photos while talking to someone about their life, and have it not need to be for a portfolio, have it not need to revolve around any particular pose.  

    I want the photos to be secondary to the experience.  And I want the experience to be more varied than by conversing solely with people with the same aspiration. 

    It means not shooting as often, as it’s a bit more difficult finding folks willing to shoot all during the week who aren’t models.  

    But I’ll find ways to fill the time. 

    Brittani, shooting behind the scenes shots, maybe doing something weird & photo-related at my birthday bbq (right around the corner!), all attempts at something different.  

    Change is good.

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  8. kristianthacker said: it can only lead to better images and new and different work.
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    What kind words here! This was a fun experience for me. Thanks to you, Lou.
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    Love reading what this man writes, just as much as i love the pictures he takes. This was kinda what i was trying to say...
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