1. Switcher, Episode 2

    See those little photos? That there’s the cast of Switcher. 

    See that big photo? That there’s Aaron Moles, creator/writer/director of Switcher.  

    Switcher, which was canceled at Channel 101 this weekend, was clever.  Was the kind of show I wanna see more of, it’s got meat on its bones.  It’s lean, yeah, at 5 minutes it has to be, but it doesn’t go the easy route.  It’s not a parody or a silly comedy.  It’s got a delicious hook and keeps you engaged. I had talked to Aaron about it the week before filming, about what he wants from making Channel 101 shows, about where he’s aiming…I really like that guy.  His head is at a place I truly respect.  

    You keep an eye on him, he’s gonna be making your favorite films soon enough. 

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