1. My driving project has me used to movement, expecting my subjects to be in motion while I’m shooting them.  Tried shooting twice yesterday in situations where folks were just posing, or standing around, and I couldn’t get into it, couldn’t get the engine to turn over. 

    Wasn’t until Calethia started moving around, until I started photographing her not still and posing, but in situ, that I found myself Into It.  

    With a face/personality like hers, any shot with her in it is halfway to fantastic, but I was more interested in the conversation, with just hanging out with her, than taking pictures.  

    My walls are covered with pictures of people being still for the photo.  Maybe that’s it.  

    Maybe I’m addicted to taking photos while hanging out the window of a moving vehicle. 

    Maybe I need to buy rollerskates. 

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