1. It’s that scene from Trainspotting, where Renton, having come back from the hospital, sober, not dead, but zoned out, is sitting in a pub, completely still, everything around him moving at three times normal speed.  

    I stay in this city, in this one place on the planet, and everyone moves around me.  

    Hadn’t talked to Cassandra in years, but now she’s moved to LA, excellent opportunity to reconnect.  Apparently, reconnecting, for me, is taking pictures of her while she searches for things at the World Market.  I am strange, this is fact. 

    All her life on the east coast, now she’s trying this side of the U.S., but is it a place to visit, or a place to settle down? What makes someone settle in a place?

    Family/friends/fun? Is it the things we like that keep us in a city, or that the things we dislike about the city are minor enough to endure? 

    How about this: if you moved tomorrow, what would you need to ensure you stayed where you were going?

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  6. jdstevens answered: Community. I’ve been enough places to know that after a while, they’re all similar enough, with one exception. The people you get to know.
  7. davebias answered: the time and means to leave regularly
  8. dripipip answered: Imagination
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  10. lovelypretense answered: I think it’s just the feeling of belonging, of beauty, of hope.
  11. shalx answered: I’m movinng “tomorrow”. For the 5th time. Nothing will ensure it. I’m just working on a couple things I dream of and hope for the best.
  12. heavyclue answered: Days of sunshine > Days without sunshine
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  15. venusflytrap answered: good food, great friends, and many, many music venues.
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  17. mmacaulay-s answered: I’m anxious to leave this town. Although i’ve lived in a place I could never call home before and wont again. It’s the feeling of a place-
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