1. Anonymous said: Damn! You're still running this weak ass site! Hahahaha! I used to think you were cool until I met you, and you were a DOUCHE. So glad I've surpassed you in my career. Keep up the b-rate photo job!

    says the guy w/o a name. 

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  2. onlytheroad said: I waited.. Cos to be fair posting this kinda hate is just trollin’. But my “Drive 2,000k to see a buddy who I love like my own” response kicked in. it’s in the real world that Lou reigns, forget photos or online, so naaa I kno you lying u didn’t meet him
  3. barbarasueko said: What an asshole.
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  5. jraya said: The Black Mamba Death Squad is at your disposal.
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  8. littlebrownbook said: Wow, that’s rather rude.
  9. servophoto said: They’re just mad because they suck, your work is great so fuck em’.
  10. thevisionbeautiful said: What a chump. Thinks they’re so cool.
  11. truthandbone said: cute
  12. lomokev said: I don’t think I know who you where until I met you. Definitely not a douce.
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