1. My old man always told me, “never sit with your back to the door,” presumably because that’s the best way to ambush an 8 year old boy while at McDonald’s. 

    And, of course, this ends up twisting itself in my brain over the years, to the point where I feel uncomfortable whenever there’s stuff going on behind me I can’t see. 

    So watching Carré’s show sitting right next to the stage was…weird, me right at the front, knees touching the stage.  Didn’t help she told me David Arquette was sitting somewhere behind me.  THAT FAMILY’S BONKERS.  But then the she started playing and I started photo-taking, began to feel better. 

    But it led right into another kid of weird, me shooting in a strip club, half-certain at any moment a very large man would take my camera and lift me by the nape of my neck, toss me outside.  


    that’s what I imagined the gigantic bouncer would say to me as he flung me outside.  would’ve been awful, but awesome.

    Didn’t happen.  Shot with my phone, with my film camera, with my 5D. Didn’t quite know what to do with myself, my instinct was to be as inconspicuous as possible, and I don’t shoot that well when I’m preoccupied with Getting Caught.  

    But I had a good time, was greatly impressed when Carré played mere inches away from a stripper, was even more impressed when Carré took to the pole herself.  

    Let’s just avoid talking about the fact she spit an entire swig of water on me halfway through the show.  Something to do with not being able to swallow and having to play the next song and really THAT’S JUST SO ROCK N’ ROLL WHO COULD BE MAD??

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  3. kristianthacker said: i learned “never sit with your back to the door” from either Guerney Halleck or Duncan Idaho in Dune (the novel).
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  8. grizzzwald said: Weird! I learned “never sit with your your back to the door” from Gross Pointe Blank! Was your dad an assassin too?? Or a cowboy?
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