1. Canon 5d mark 2. 28mm. ISO - 100. f/1.8. 1/1000s.  1hr of sleep in the last 24. 1 protein shake for breakfast.  2minutes after avoiding screaming kids and the dad who had maliciously come up with a game where his children chased him through a serene forest.  12minutes before convincing her to run down a hill where she was bound to slide and end up on her arse. Used hand to block out the sun from the lens so it could focus properly.  8minutes until I encounter a burr that would wind up sticking the underside of my foot, leaving a sting even after I had taken off both my shoe and my sock, said action causing me to lose my balance and lean on a rock, which then became unmoored from the ground, causing me to further lose my balance and nearly end up face down in the dirt. 1 pair old jeans. 1 pair old tennis shoes.  37 shoots since I learned that wearing decent clothes in the woods creates a voodoo that ensures your clothes end up dirty/ruined. 

  4. Pulled a muscle in my side doing this, I did.  Of course, catching that smile makes it worth the injury, but sheeeeit, sure smarts. 

    Feel very comfortable shooting while hanging out of a car, now.  It’s all about sitting, getting your touchas right on the window sill.  You don’t wanna dangle out the window, or stretch out there, you wanna sit.  I see that now.  You can set yourself a bit farther back, get more in the frame, you are more stable in case your driver has to go over some speed bumps or brake for a coyote that’s crossing the street.  

    And when you’re sitting you’re not as apt to contort yourself in such a way that you tear the tiny muscle fibers on your left side, the ones situated in such a spot that you feel what amounts to a bee sting every time you twist your midsection.  

    So yeah, go sitting! 

  10. Think I really like photographing dancers. I’m sure I really like photographing Jessica.

  11. 655am, playing around with presentation.  

    Futzing around with the difference in ideas, one photo representing the shoot, the subject VS several photos triangulating the shoot, the subject. 

  14. The problem is with focus.  

    I had no idea how the focus worked on the camera, I’d only had it a little over a week. Didn’t know that little red arrow in the viewfinder meant OUT OF FOCUS.  

    So, I guess the problem is focus and Not Reading The Instructions. 

    Which used to work out so well when putting together Legos, but not so much in photography.  

  15. I’m a big fan of ladies that see a tree and feel an inexorable urge to climb it.