2. from my favorite shoot in July

  6. So much fun. 

  9. From today’s shoot with Kelsy.

  10. From the last shoot with Kelsy.  

  13. I was totally done with photosets, but then Kelsy favorited one, and I remembered I hadn’t sent her these photos, so I was uploading them to Dropbox, and these three JUMPED AT ME, JUMPED I SAY!

    So here they are.  

    Motion. For me photosets are all about motion. 

  14. In between the train trip through the east coast and the car trip up the west coast was a photo shoot with Kelsy, walked with her through my neighborhood as I do so much, as I am trying to do less but it is just so damned convenient. 

    It’s an environment I like, light I understand, an excellent frame in which to shoot folks.

    And having interviewed dozens of couples, I’m a wee bit better at talking to folk during a shoot, so the walking and talking is something I’m terribly comfortable with. 

    When I got back I thought I’d focus on new environments, but it’s looking like it’ll be more of what I say to folks, not where I say it.  

    Because finding places to shoot: hard.  Finding things to talk about during a shoot: that’s my thing!

    I always expect changes to be huge, but it tends to be little things, little adjustments, tweaks, slight shifts in perspective. I expect improvement to be dramatic, but, like life, it tends towards more subtle, gradual movements. 

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