6. posted at 807pm.

  7. 713am.

    Remember: it’s always good to be at least a little skeptical of a photographer.  

    We do want your souls, after all. 

  8. 738am.

    For breakfast, I’ll have some Fiber One (doctor’s orders) with a side of Beautiful Lady Smiling Unselfconsciously. 

  9. 647am.

    From the third (and longest) of yesterday’s DAY O’ PHOTO SHOOTS. 

    And I’ll tell ya, I’m burnt.  In a good way, like I ran several more miles than usual. First we drove out to Santa Clarita, shot Tarryn and her band (all of whom were great fun to photograph, not a surly one in the bunch, and shit, there’s almost always one surly one, so fuck yeah!), then back home to shoot Stevie, who was wanting something other than the normal, she’d been doing a lot of stripped down, Urban Outfitters-style shoots, so I had make-up and hair make her look all wilded out, took her to the Bronson Caves. 

    AND THEN, it was off to downtown, where Sheila was putting on the final night of a giant performance piece, Sneaky Nietzche, which I’d been shooting for several weeks, as they put the whole thing together.  

    And jesus fuck, it was fantastic.  Crazy, and fantastic. 

    Today I get to work some dinosaur thing at the Staples Center. I am hoping there are real dinosaurs, but am prepared for disappointment. 

    Damn fine Saturday.

  10. 813am.

    Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I’m probably gonna try to watch Step Up and Step Up 2 the Streets today or tomorrow, as well. 

    I…shit, I love watching really good dance routines.  I’ll probably fast-forward through the “plot” parts, just check out the dancing.  

    I’m thinking it’s something to do with being amazed at what these dancers are able to accomplish, the skill required to perform the complex and insanely difficult routines.  I’m just wicked impressed by all of it.  

  11. 646pm.

    Gonna go photograph the construction of Sheila’s performance project, tonight.  She’s gonna be building it for the next few weeks, and I’m gonna take pictures periodically, document its progress.  

    Which is something I haven’t really done, before.  

    Which, these days, means it’s something I’m interested in doing.  

    Mayhaps I’ll take a few more shots of Sheila, too. 

    Because she’s dreamy. 

  12. 215pm.

    Lotta laughs with this lady, today.  Gonna shoot her again, ASAP.